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UK professors condemn axing of art history A-level

UK university academics have reacted angrily to the announcement that the last exam board in England to offer A-level art history will drop the subject from 2018. The move by London-based AQA means that art history, which is taught mainly at private schools, will vanish from the curriculum.   Kevin Phillips, the chief executive of AQA, says in a statement that the “existing specification is challenging to mark and award because of the specialist nature of the topics, the range of options, difficulties in recruiting sufficient experienced examiners, and limited entries”. Only 839 students sat the A-level exam this summer.       Louise Bourdua, the head of the history of art department at Warwick University, says that she is appalled...


3 Oil Painters to Fall in Love With

Through our Over 60 Competition, we’ve had the pleasure of getting know so many amazing, inspiring artists, some of which are coming back to art after a period away, or picking up the practice after retirement. Learn more below from 3 of our favorite oil painters, each with their own unique process and story. To set the stage for Sleepwalkers: it was autumn in 1908 and this was Dr. W.S. Rainsford’s second visit to the Dark Continent. His party included his close colleagues, J. Jay White and Arthur C. Hoey, whose knowledge of the Nzoia country was needed for this part of the safari. Just after nightfall toward the end of the safari, Rainsford was told that a herd of elephants was heading into camp. The animals approached to within the camp boundaries, but Rainsf...